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ChiliSoft Ltd.

Software development & IT Consulting
Our primary principle is to understand the real goals of our clients and to achieve these with a joint effort. We believe that we can create and deliver great IT systems only if we thoroughly recognize the intrinsic needs and worfklows of our clients. Based on these we can obtain those solutions, which support and aid their users in the most handy way. May this system be a highly frequented website or an internal office application supporting the daily operations of employees.
  • Outstanding attention to our customers
  • Accurate assessment of business processes
  • High level quality assurance
  • Flexible attitude
  • Quick feedbacks
  • Guarantee and support


Software development

With several years of experience behind us in development of custom software systems, we have specific knowledge in the following domains among others: governmental systems, automobile industry, telecommunications, banking and intranet systems.

We have delivered many administrative (manager) applications, which are not available publicly; they typically offer a solution for a specific problem. We have taken part in many projects including an emergency care medical system, a supervision platform for company-issued mobile phones, or quality assurance systems.

Web development

In the field of web development we can offer you a wide range of solutions starting from small sites to complex web portals. We are adept in constructing and developing high-complexity systems, especially enterprise applications which support internal business processes.

We are keen on reviving and crafting innovative, content-rich and intuitive websites, which can be integrated with other systems used by your company as well. High-availability and robustness are common requirements, and our solutions are capable of serving hundreds of thousands or even millions of monthly visitors.


We can help our Customers to navigate in the mysteries of the ever-increasing IT world: whether it is an agile introduction of a new business application, developing a strategy to improve your enterprise architecture, or choosing the right technology stack & solution in any arising IT issue:
we are at your disposal.

In our freetime we help our neighbours to select the right router as well ;)



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UX prototyping
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Agile development
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Support and operation
we love to apply agile methodologies in our projects, which are nicely summerized in the video above


ChiliSoft Ltd.
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